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FOSS is the science company we currently use for our science curriculum.  Recently, changes were made to the FOSSWEB website that will restrict access.  In order to access the audio stories and other supplemental materials, you will now have to enter a username and password.  There is no need to sign up for anything or give up personal information.  You can go to the FOSSWEB page by clicking 

Once there click on the tab that says "Class Login" and enter the following:


Creekview Ranch 4th graders-

username: cvr4thscience


Creekview Ranch 5th graders-

username: cvr5thscience


Heritage Oak 5th graders-

username: hoscience


The password for ALL CLASSES is the same: sciencerocks


For a review of what we are discussing in class, 5th grade students should choose MIXTURES AND SOLUTIONS> STUDENT EBOOKS> Investigation 3: Fizz Quiz (either Audio Stories or EBooks)


For a review of what we are discussing in class, 4th grade students should choose SOLID EARTH> STUDENT EBOOKS> Solid Investigation 2: Scratch Test and Investigation 3: Calcite Quest


Elizabeth Knebel


Halfway through trimester two!

Fourth grade is deeply into their Solid Earth unit which focuses on the Earth's crust. We have a good understanding of the differences between rocks and minerals and are studying how geologists identify rocks and minerals. We will next be learning how rocks and minerals are recycled in the Earth's crust and about the rock cycle, then will finish the trimester focusing on rock weathering, erosion and deposition.


Fifth grade is enjoying their Mixtures and Solutions unit as we reinforce our understanding that matter is neither created nor destroyed. We are doing some interesting and fun labs involving chemical changes, atoms and elements. We have practiced balancing some chemical equations and will soon be looking more closely at the periodic table. 


When students bring home their worksheets please rest assured that we not only do hands on labs to support their learning, we also go over the answers to the questions and I write, project and say the correct answers numerous times while giving them the chance to copy my writing. Their worksheet packets, by the time they get home to you, should be accurate and full of helpful information to share with others and study. My goal is not to "give them the answers" or turn them into robots by simply having them copy my words- we formulate the answers together and I want them to have them written correctly so that they can be a good conversation starter and resource for you to have interesting discussions about what we have learned and done in school once they get home to you.


As always, students have access to the class text on the Foss website (see the left margin of my website here for login instructions) and will be bringing home class work to study, as well. Students will always get a printed study guide of information that will be on their test to bring home and go over with you. In my opinion the BEST way to "study" something is simply to explain it to someone else- their parents, a dog, a neighbor, a teddy bear, anyone and everyone willing to listen. The more times they repeat the information aloud the better the chance that it will stick in their brain for test day (and beyond)! Plus, they will be learning some cool things that are interesting to share. If you do not know where to start to study for tests, ALWAYS start with the printed study guide I send home with them. I will also be putting flash cards on my website that you can print, cut and study together BUT nothing is as effective as mastering the information on the study guide. Last but not least, I am split between two spectacular schools this year so please keep that in mind when contacting me. Email is always your best bet and I do my best to reply within 24 hours on school days. I will upload my schedule here so you can know when your student is with me and where I am, when. Thank you for trusting me with your child(ren)- I am enjoying them so very much. 

Elizabeth Knebel


Support Materials


Your 4th grade student's next test is Tuesday, 1/23. Students will bring home a hard copy of the study guide the week before their test.


Solid Earth Quiz 2 flash cards


Solid Earth Quiz 2 study guide 


Your 5th grade student will have their next test their second session of the week of 1/22- 1/25. They will bring home a hard copy of the study guide the week before the test.


Mixtures Quiz 2 Flash Cards


Mixtures Quiz 2 Study Guide


** Dates subject to change


If you need a copy of the student contract here is a link to print another: beginning of year contract.docx

My wacky schedule

Green type shows Heritage Oak, blue type shows Creekview Ranch


Knebel Science Schedule 17-18 (clickable link)