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Charts and Important Papers from Class
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Mrs. Payne's Class

Welcome to 3rd grade

Room F-5

School Hours - Monday 8:10-1:25

                Lunch 10:30

                Tuesday - Friday 8:10-2:21

                Lunch 11:30

                Mini Day 8:10-12:25 

PE - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Mrs. Benjamin. On 4-day weeks PE will be on different days. 


Weekly info.


Good Morning,

Today Friday January 19 is our Family Picnic (rain or shine or fog). We hope someone can come have lunch with us. 


Next week we will be participating in "The Great Kindness Challenge". Each day has a theme, spirit dress up day, and kindness activity.

Monday - Character day, wear a character shirt - Kindness is the ultimate character trait (Do something kind for someone at school)

Tuesday - Comfortable clothes day - Be kind to yourself...Be comfortable (Do something kind for your teacher) ****Mrs. Payne is at a writing conference - not at school****

Wednesday - Multicultural day - Dress up in something that represents your culture - Kindness is Worldwide (Do something nice for someone who works in the office.)

Thursday - Black out to Bullies - Wear all black (do something kind for anyone)

Friday - No school - Staff development


Wild Wild West Barnraiser (previously known as the GALA) - Please help support Creekview Ranch by coming to the Wild Wild West Barnraiser. It will be held on Feb. 2 starting at 6:00, taking place at 8791 Morgan Creek Lane in Roseville. This is a 21 and over event. An invitation came home last week and  a paper purchase tickets. Tickets are less expensive if you purchase them in advance. Another paper was asking for donations for the event. They are looking for raffle prizes, donations to create basket, gift cards, sports items, etc. Any way you are able to support this event and our school is greatly appreciated.


PTA Restaurant Fundraisers - Don't make dinner, come out to Campeilli's Pizza  and help support our school.  20% of your order will be donate to our school, just by saying CREEKVIEW RANCH. January 23 from 11 am-10 pm. 7480 Foothills BLVD.


Community Service - TEN students have already finished their three hours. WAY TO GO KIDS! It is my hope that everyone will finish theirs by the end of the year. The student's already have volunteered for 2.5 hours in first grade. The dates were 11/29, 12/6, 12/7, 12/12, and 12/13 in 30 minute increments. If you have not logged your hours, please do so. This means the students only have half an hour to work outside of school. Kindness Challenge is next week - do something kind to build up others. 


Test taking strategies - Some of the strategies we are learning are outline the paragraph (numbering), read all the words on the page (including instructions and text features), read the questions before the story (helps student to know what to look for on the test), making notes in the margin about the paragraph (helps them understand how the story is organized and where they might find that answer), context clues (figure out the meanings of words - synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, prefix, base word, suffix), look for the evidence in the text (if you find the answer, you will probably get it right), reread the question before you answer it (make sure your evidence matches the question you are answering), multiple meaning words (read the sentence, visualize the word, find the definition of the word), main idea and details (look at titles, heading, pictures, repeated words, and first and last sentence), look for similes and metaphors (use the sentence to figure out their meaning), theme (what lesson or moral is the story telling),  and good test takers go back and check (name, follow instructions for each question, answer all the question). Students should be applying these strategies to all test. You can help your child practice for these test by talking with them about these strategies. Ask them questions like - Why did you do that? How did it help you? If you did not know the answer, what could you do? Are you sure that is the answer to that question? How do you know?


Field Trip - Our field trip is still a couple months out, but we will need at least 10 volunteers​​​​. This is a great trip and it is fun for students and parents. We will need moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, etc. If you would like to come, you need to be Live-scan cleared. This does take some time to process. If you have not done it yet, please consider doing it very soon. Paperwork is attached. Field trip and parent chaperon papers will be coming home soon. 

 LiveScan Form for DCJESD.pdf


Important Date - 

Jan. 19 - Family Picnic

Jan. 22-25 - Great Kindness Challenge (see above for more info.)

Jan. 23 - Restaurant Fundraiser (See above)

Jan. 25 - PTA Family Sock Hop

Jan. 26 - No School

Feb. 2 - Spirit day - sports

             Wild Wild West Barnraising (previously known as Gala)

Feb. 9 - Mix It Up day - buddies

Feb. 12 - No School

Feb. 19 - No School

Feb. 23 - End of trimester

Mar. 1 - Family reading night at Creekview Ranch

Mar. 2 Report cards go home. 

Mar. 15 - Field trip - Bernhard Museum - We need 10 parents

Mar 16-Apr. 2 No School - Spring Break

April 3 - Tuesday - Return to school

Apr. 11 - A Touch of Understanding


Next week, in LANGUAGE ARTS we will continue  learning about historical fiction, cause and effect, and idioms. In MATH we will continue to work on memorizing our multiplication facts and reviewing decomposing in two and three digit subtraction. In SOCIAL STUDIES  we will be learning about the Native Americans that lived in our state. We will also be working on SCIENCE and learning about matter and energy.   PE is on  Tuesday and Friday. Wear appropriate shoes.  

Have a great weekend.

Brandi Payne


Current Assignments


Accelerated Reader

Your child should be at 64% of their goal by Thursday Jan. 18.


 It is best for your child to read 7 days a week for 20 minutes each night. 



Accelerated Reader is a comprehension program. Your child is expected to read at least 20 minutes nightly, as well as about 20 minutes daily in class. They should be reading books that are at their level. Below are answer to frequently asked questions.


What is my child's reading level?

Each Trimester you will receive a printout that contains your child's ZPD(Zone of Proximal Development). This is their reading level. (This paper will go home at the beginning of each trimester.


How do I know if my child's book is at their level?

Log onto

You can search any book and see if it is within your child's ZPD.

Weekly Homework


Read for 20 minutes

- Write the title of your book on your agenda

Practice Rocket math for 5 minutes

Math page



Read for 20 minutes

- Write the title of your book on your agenda

Practice Rocket math for 5 minutes

Math page 



Read for 20 minutes

- Write the title of your book on your agenda

Practice Rocket math for 5 minutes

Math page



Read for 20 minutes

- Write the title of your book on your agenda

Practice Rocket math for 5 minutes

Math page 

Return Thursday folder tomorrow.

Show school spirit on Friday.




Helpful websites

These are great sites that will help your child learn and grow. Some of my favorite sites are in ORANGE





Khan Academy can help your child with math -

Youtube can help your child with class concepts -

AdaptEDmind - math and Language Arts games -

MathPlayground - Math activities -

ABCya - Educational computer games (Math and Language Arts) -  

PBSkids - Educational games and videos -

MathPlayground - Math games -



Scholastic Book Order - Our Class Code HYRV7 -

AR book find can help your child to read books at their level -

StarFall - reading site

Storyline - online books -

Reading Rainbow - Stories on line -



Hour of Code - Teaches students how to code for games -

Hour of Code - Minecraft -

Hour of Code - Minecraft -

Hour of Code - Star Wars -

Google Lego game -



Google can get your child access to their Gmail and Drives -





Instructional Video -



Math APP

Math Facts Masters

Telling time - Timex time machine mobile app